The Walcker organ at the Martinikerk in Doesburg

Welcome at the homepage of one of the most interesting and beautiful church organs in Europe, the Walcker organ in the Martinikerk at Doesburg, The Netherlands.

Built by Oscar Walcker in 1915, inaugurated in 1916, it is one of the first modern organs. It builds on a classical basis but it has many modern features such as many string stops, three swell boxes allowing expressive dynamics and orchestral stops such as the Orchester Oboe. Influence of the Elsässischer Orgelreform can be seen in the many reed stops and the classical mixture stops, which are inspired by the work of Gottfried Silbermann.

Shortly after World War I, but completely after World War II, organ building in Germany and The Netherlands took a radically different direction. In England and America this change was much less radical. So now the Walcker organ is a quite rare witness of a very exiting period in organ building, the first years of the 20th century.